Kota to Jaipur

30 Oct

Shrinath Nama Travel Agency — Kota

“500 rupees” he said twirling his moustache.
“What” , I replied pointing towards the fare chart, “it says 200 here.”
“Last minute booking will cost more.Peek time hai bhaishaab” he replied with a smirk on his face.

He was right though, it was the end of Navratri. The watch on his wrist read 5:46 . A bus at 12 o’clock would be difficult to get, that too for Jaipur. Moreover, a close audit of my pockets gave only 432 in cash and 55 in Bansal Canteen Coupons. Negotiations were off the charts , well because I was in the motherland of Baniyas.

Disappointed, I left the place. Hope in me was also setting fast with the Sun far off. As I inched out onto the road, my mobile rang. Stupid Airtel was welcoming me to Rajasthan for the 100th time. The very next message read “6:30 Jaipur”.My heart was overpowering my logic.A fortnight since I last saw her(and I am talking about the pre-Skype era).

“Auto!” ,I shrieked on the top of my voice, “Bus stand chalo“.

Old Kota Bus Stand — Old Kota

Old Kota, unlike (New) Kota had the less fancy “On Spot Registration” facility. The crowd was enormous. India’s population does conglomerate on festive occasions. I did get a ticket amidst all the hustle and bustle. 11:45 would my joy ride arrive.I felt like sending smirk back to Shrinath Nama Travel Agency.

Having my dinner I marveled at the looks of the Garh Palace by the glittering Chambal. I just imagined her face, the feeling of surprise and happiness. Oh! Love does make you do the craziest things. “Omnis amans amens” as the Roman’s said.

11:52 , as my bus arrived, I was thunderstruck. “My joy ride” already came jam packed from Rawatbhata, leaving not a square inch of space. Roof was empty, but was filling fast. I opened her message again , this time reading it full “6:30 Jaipur low on battery love you”.

“Why not?” , I thought as I climbed the ladder, “I will not regret this!”

Somewhere between Kota and Jaipur

“Should have thought this through”, I pondered shivering. Temperature below 10 and with the bus at 50 mph was not helping. Being brought up in North Bengal, I am no stranger to subzero temperatures. But again we had jackets and occasional bonfires there.Fellow passengers were cheerful. They used to cry out for sporadic branches, where we all used to duck. I was sure to be in the 5th great tragic love story of Punjab, where the guy dies falling from a Bus.

5:35 , I reached Pink City safe and sound , but with my bottoms grilled. The Sun also came out to warm things up.

“Ok, I survived it”, I thought cracking my back.

Jaipur Junction — Jaipur

“1 coffee” , I ordered rubbing my hands.
“7 rupees”, he said handing my coffee.

I looked up the fare chart, it said “Kofee —- Rs.5”. Now, this time I was happy to pay more.

Coffee was refreshing as I waited for Asansol Jaipur Express. At 7:00 it arrived on platform number one. She awestruck as I intervened her. She smiled as I hugged her. All troubles were worth that smile, even another “bus ride” back to Kota.

“How was your journey?”, I asked holding her.
“Good. How was yours?”, she said , as we left the platform.
I replied smiling , “It’s a long story!”

One month later we broke up. As Kahlil Gibran said “If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.” But again, when I look back , I really cherish the experience.


The “Rape Capital” of India

21 Dec

As I write this blog, rape number 631’s victim is struggling to survive in Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital. The brutality of the incident is beyond the imagination of an educated civilized humane society. The recent barbarity did lead to many candle vigils and uproars amongst the tolerant Indian crowd. Several news channels were flooded with high TRP debates ,which included the intellectuals, to chalk out a solution and to none’s pleasure the banal cliches by the authorities. But does all this answer the inevitable question of why number 631? I am no Delhite but I am quoting one that shares the REAL plight of woman in Delhi.

She is a news correspond from Delhi. In her own words the grimy state Delhi as described to BBC correspondent Soutik Biswas

When she was living as a paying guest in an upscale south Delhi neighbourhood a few years ago, a drunk male cook barged into her room at night, yanked at her bed sheet and tried to attack her. The man fled after she screamed.

“My landlord, a perfectly respectable person on the outside, came up and said I must have been dreaming, that there could not have been an attack. His mother had heard my screams so she believed me. I left the place, and they said they had sacked the cook. When I checked later, I found that the cook had returned and was working,” she remembers.

After she joined salsa classes a few years later, her friends arrived to pick her up for a competition.

They were waiting for a taxi when a policeman walked up and challenged the boys. “You are hanging out with a loose woman,” the policeman grunted. “Give me your parents’ numbers, we will tell them.”

When her friends protested, the policeman went up to the landlady and extracted a bribe. “They told her they would file cases against her saying she had rented her place to a suspicious woman without a proper rent agreement.”

One evening, a few years ago, she was walking home from work when a young man sidled up to her and said something very obscene. She asked him to shut up and walked on.

The man ran after her, stopped her in her tracks, and told her bluntly: “I will pour acid on your face next time you say that.” Then he vanished.

“I came home and began crying. I was scared of going out for the next few days,” she says.

It doesn’t help much if a woman is accompanied by a male friend or spouse.

Another woman friend travelling with a male friend in an auto-rickshaw was waylaid by a group of young boys in a posh neighbourhood a few years ago. They blocked the auto-rickshaw at a crossing, pointed a gun at her friend and shouted abuse at him.

“They wanted to instigate him, they said he was going out with a prostitute. My friend kept quiet and apologised. They let us go after robbing us,” she remembers.

When she travels alone in an auto-rickshaw on the city’s mean streets, she keeps having real and imaginary conversations on the phone with friends and relatives. She doesn’t take an auto-rickshaw if she finds the driver overfriendly. If she takes a taxi, she texts the registration number to a friend. She keeps phone numbers for a handful of “reliable” drivers whom she can count on to take her home.

The Supreme Court convicts the man to life imprisonment as he was drunk. Alcohol being the reason for not sending him to the gallows. Two more convicts are detained to our shame. People blame rapes on pornography, alien cultures , sometimes on women itself. I blame it on the society’s attitude punched with decadent law-and-order which gives us these tastes.

An Athesist’s Manifesto

12 Jan

GOD…if you go for the definition then it is the ultimate “super power” that controls every laws of physics, cellular reactions of biology ‘nd geological wind systems. He is single-highhandedly responsible for the existence of the universe ‘nd most importantly us. Now we the “His creations” do various weeny little things to have Him happy; ‘nd thus don’t bestow unfortunate luck upon us.

Hindu worships in temples,Muslims have there namaj, Christians to there churches.Myself being a skeptic, find all of these bereft of logical grounds.Sadly we live in a world in which obvious is always veil by matter of principle. And what is obvious is argued; an atheist does the thankless job to present to you the “obvious“.
World population is divided into three categories:-
  1. Theist
  2. Weak Atheist
  3. Atheist

Weak Atheist are those ambivalent people who feel what ever I would speak from now is all correct but still will pray GOD….say at the time of examination….that is when they feel presence of GOD…or to be specific the need of GOD 🙂 Whereas, Atheism is nothing more than the noises reasonable people make when in the presence of religious dogma.

Well, let me have a observation in Homo sapiens that created the Creator. Human nature has 2 parts a positive part ‘nd a negative one. Positive in the sense judging different patterns of the world. Positive part is the one giving us the biological energy needed to get pass every hurdle that merciful life provide us.This goes on decreasing with every year of our life passes ‘nd every unsuccessful attempt to pass the hurdles.Older persons for that reasons are more of a worshiper then we the young.

So what is your problem ?why are u interfering with my beliefs?
And I say i have no problem with your beliefs. But i do have problems that your out of this world belief can cause. This concept of Creator has cut into pieces the whole world. Men of same blood, scientifically the same race Homo sapiens are being differentiated as
U r a Christians ‘nd i hate them…!!!“…knowing not he is a good person or not……
In India the Hindu-Muslim clashes causing so many a lives are all fought on the basis of a non-existence GOD who controls everything(even whatever i am typing against him…strange :\).
This goes for the GOD, did He quiet deliberately made all the happen?What was the omnipotent, omniscient, and compassionate GOD doing as the blood of so called Hindus and Muslim mingled?
Only atheist has the courage to admit the obvious; these poor people were under the influence of an imaginary friend(…must bounder or knave is exists anyway…..) and died fighting for Him.
Guess what the religious people will still say…”their past life woes met the the end they deserved“….Let us see now; GOD almighty is omnipotent and controls our action. Then he controlled our past life too.So it again comes back to Him.
Remember the partition of India was all due “Muslims getting less preference in a Hindu majority nation….”.

What i Believe is:

Man always curious of knowing the how the environment works

thus came up with the “theory of GOD

Postulates::(only one)
Everything and anythings that happens is because of GOD!!!
everything is explained!! 😛

New(est) theory is Science
thus try to define(may not be universal) some rules to explain the above!!!
and not just leave something to “the Creator” and his Will!